BCHA is committed to providing high quality care, accommodation, and housing to all customers. We recognise that sometimes people will have cause for dissatisfaction with our service and will wish to make a complaint. Our complaints process is easy to use, and all complaints are dealt with fairly, impartially and in a timely manner.


How does it work?

  1. Make a complaint

  2. Hear from us within 5 working days

  3. Discuss your complaint in detail

  4. We will investigate your complaint

  5. Resolution and agreement


Make a complaint

How do I make a complaint

There are several ways to make a complaint:

  • Phone us on 01234 321400

  • Email us at

  • Write to us at:
    Complaints Bedford Citizens Housing Association,
    Bedford Charter House, 1B Kimbolton Road, Bedford, MK40 2PU

  • In person to a BCHA employee


Who can I speak to

Our Business Support Team can be contacted on 01234 321400 and always aim to resolve your issue straight away. If they’re unable to do this, it may be that your concern will need to be logged for further investigation.

It might be that your issue could be better resolved through another organisation where you may be able to seek independent advice. We can help by signposting you to other organisations where appropriate.

What do I need to tell you?

So that we can help you as quickly as possible, please tell us:

  • What has gone wrong?

  • When did you first tell us about this problem?

  • Who have you already spoken to about this issue?

  • How has this affected you?

  • What would you consider as a reasonable resolution?

What happens after I have complained?

We will strive to resolve your complaint as quickly as possible. When we receive your complaint, we will contact you within 5 working days.

At this point, we will discuss your concerns in more detail so that we can work towards reaching an agreed solution.

Your complaint handler may need to investigate further and will agree with you a communication plan to keep you informed of the progress.

When the investigation is complete, your complaint handler will contact you to advise you of the proposed resolution and any learnings identified from your complaint. Where possible this will be within 10 working days of your complaint being logged with us.

What happens if I don’t agree with the decision?

Appealing a decision

If we’re unable to resolve your complaint, you can ask to escalate to our stage 2. You must do this within 7 days and you must tell us what you feel we have failed to explain or do.

Our Team will escalate your complaint for you and assign it to a Head of Service or CEO.

You will be contacted to discuss the stage 2 process and timescales. If we are still unable to resolve matters, we will write to you with a full response advising you of the next steps.

What if I am still unhappy?

If you’re not satisfied with the final decision, Charter House Residents and Oak Way House tenants receiving care or their relatives can contact the following organisations if they remain dissatisfied with the way a complaint has been handled:

  • If your fees are partially or fully funded by the Local Authority, you can contact Social Services at Bedford Borough Council, Borough Hall, Cauldwell Street, Bedford, MK42 9AP or telephone 01234 267422.

  • Alternatively you can contact the Care Quality Commission on 0300 0616 1613, via e-mail at or via their feedback form – details of how to do this are on the CQC’s website at

  • If you are responsible for your own fees (commonly referred to as self-funded care), you can contact the Local Government Ombudsman, PO Box 4771, Coventry, CV4 0EH, you can telephone 0300 061 0614 or you can fill out the complaint form available on their website at


Extra Care, Sheltered and General needs Housing (all tenancies)

Referring Directly to the Housing Ombudsman

You have the right to access the Housing Ombudsman Service throughout your complaint, not only when our complaints process is exhausted. This gives you the opportunity to engage with the Ombudsman’s dispute support advisors for impartial advice.

Additional information

Download and read our latest Housing Ombudsman Self-assessment

Download and read the full complaints policy

​Download and read the annual Complaints Performance Report

Further support

You can get help and advice from the following organisations:

Citizens Advice – Bedford